Video, Ad, and Website Testing

The resources, effort, time, and personnel required to develop a good instructional, entertainment, or promotional video are enormous.


Using advanced biometric technology, we obtain detailed information about each second of a video and determine where viewers direct their attention and how they react.


The result is a revised editing of an existing video, guidance for final shooting or re-shooting of a video, or choice between multiple comparison videos.

Noesis Analysis analyzes fixed images such as advertising posters or logos. An advertising image or a company logo can be analyzed to determine, in detail, where attention is directed and how a viewer reacts. This analysis can be invaluable in choosing the right ad or making adjustments to images to maximize customer appeal.

When applied to a website, this analysis identifies where customers look and how they respond. The website can be refined to ensure customers aren't frustrated when looking for a product or link. Customer's time spent on the website can be a positive and memorable experience that promotes return visits and strengthens both customer loyalty and your reputation.

Questions answered

  • Do people see our video the way we intended?

  • Do people get the message of our advertisement?

  • Which scene in our video generates the greatest excitement?

  • Are the viewers of our video excited to buy our product?

  • Is time spent on our website because customers like us or are confused by our site? 

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