In-Flight Service Analysis

In-flight food service is a complex process that depends on equipment technology, skill, and carefully-planned timing. Menus should promote choices that are quick, don’t require flight attendant assistance, and leave passengers happy. Food trays should encourage enjoyment and not create confusion or anxiety for passengers or flight personnel. Analysis of menus, trays, and other food service elements can speed service and reduce problems.


Restaurant Menu Analysis

You are responsible for menu layout designs for a fast casual restaurant chain. You want to design the menu to ensure customers don’t get frustrated locating desired menu items and don’t miss promoted items or information. You know the menu is critical to setting the tone for the rest of a customer’s experience. The menu also affects the speed of delivering service and how much time is required of the wait staff to discuss the menu with customers. You want to design a better menu.


Video Analysis

You produce video advertising for web sites. You know your videos use excellent production technology and are designed by experienced personnel. Unfortunately, although everyone you’ve heard from say your videos are high quality, web viewers aren’t motivated to watch entire videos and don’t seem motivated by your message.


User Interface Analysis

You are the designer of a user interface. You want a design that meets the user’s needs for rapid identification of needed control options and does not frustrate the user with hard-to-locate options. You want to know you have the optimal interface design.


Training Analysis

Your business is struggling to train employees quickly and effectively. The quicker you can complete training, the quicker your employees can become productive. The better your training program, the lower the costs of hiring, because you can hire less experienced employees and effectively train them yourself.


Consider These Situations
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