Overview of All Services

Success, in business and every other venture, requires information and planning. Information is essential to making the right decisions but it is often difficult to get the right information. Using a combination of decades of industry experience and research, plus the latest in biometric technology, we gather detailed and accurate information that is a generational leap beyond what focus groups or customer surveys alone can provide.

We have decades of experience identifying the right information and using the latest tools for getting that information. Our people are leaders in information and business competitiveness and our process is something we call “Goal Driven Research” or GDR, which is bottom-line science that ensures cost-effective analysis and reduces wasted and misdirected effort. The result is a set of more streamlined and sustainable business processes which put you on the path to maximum customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and revenue.

We provide a wide variety of science-based business services, not only customer experience improvement.

 --Management consulting

 --Survey design, administration, and analysis

 --Linking strategy to analysis

 --Making use of data to improve business processes and achieve business goals

 --Product design, development, and improvement

 --Analysis of data both simple and complex

 --Use of statistics for business improvement

 --Organization and leadership of group problem solving projects

 --Design of performance motivation programs

 --Identification of workplace improvements

 --Strategic planning

 --Assessment of program, system, and project effectiveness

 --Project management for process and performance improvement

The Customer Experience


Your customer's experience of your products and services is critical to your company's success. Using a combination of information sources, Noesis Analysis can more accurately describe a customer's actual experiences than is possible using surveys or interviews.


Message and Communication Analysis


The time and money that go into creating your message demands that the content and presentation be analyzed using the latest techniques. Noesis Analysis will analyse of your message, whether in a still image or video, and identify ways to increase its effectiveness. This is also part of an effective lean development process for advertising.



Video Analysis


Noesis Analysis will analyze the reaction of viewers to your promotional or other video. We can identify where attention is focused and the type and intensity of emotional reaction that is generated. Our proprietary analyses identify information not obtainable using others' sensory or emotion measuring techniques. 



Safety Awareness Evaluation


Employees must maintain the ability to quickly identify safety issues and take appropriate actions. Using neuro-cognitive technology, individual employees can be tested for awareness and reaction to safety concerns.



​Product Design and Improvement
Noesis Analysis analyzes customer reactions to your product designs at any stage of development. We use advanced biometrics and well-crafted surveys to improve product appeal and usability--increasing the likelihood that a new product will be embraced by the market.



Focus Group and Survey Research

Marketing researchers put a lot of time and effort into conducting . Noesis Analysis can focus groups and customer surveys and can add neuromarketing data to the study, enabling assessment of customer information that can't be gathered using focus groups or surveys alone. The result is more and better customer information, producing more accurate information from the start of your project and supporting better product and service development. 



Training and the Evaluation of Training Effectiveness

Training is resource intensive and cost a lot in employee time and effort. By analyzing the content of a training program, Noesis Analysis can identify where trainees are placing their attention and suggest ways to improve training videos, materials, and presentations. Trainees can be evaluated to verify successful training and identify additional training needs.  



Data Analysis

At Noesis Analysis, we  identify company goals before analyzing data. This ensures we get the right data to achieve your goals. We use intelligent statistical techniques and provide detailed analyses that guide effective business decisions.


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