Efstathios Kefallonitis, Ph.D. Cofounder and Manager.

Dr. Kefallonitis has extensive experience in consulting and is an expert in product design and the customer experience. Dr. Kefallonitis worked for Airbus and has helped management improve branding and service throughout the airline industry. His doctoral degree is from Cranfield University and he teaches marketing in New York.

David McLain, Ph.D., Cofounder and Manager.

Dr. McLain's expertise includes business strategy, technology innovation, and data analyses. Dr. McLain's holds degrees in engineering from MIT and Iowa State University and a doctorate in business from the University of Wisconsin. Dr. McLain teaches business strategy in New York.

In addition to the two cofounders, Noesis Analysis works with a variety of industry professionals on a project basis. We can identify the best in specialized areas of expertise to round out our project teams.

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