Design and Testing of New Products and Services

Product users can have a difficult time understanding a new product design and its use. Noesis Analysis uses the latest scientific techniques to quickly and accurately determine the best product design and support an efficient and effective development process.

Every new product design is a combination of elements of form and function. Customer reactions to design reflect reactions to both. Using the latest scientific techniques, we analyze product attractiveness, ease-of-use, and effectiveness from the customer's viewpoint.

We seek to create products that lead the way to new market segments and design expectations.

We also detail the experience of working with a product so the design can be improved. The result is a design that is tested and has good form and function nearer the limit of physical and engineering boundaries.

Questions answered


                Do customers easily understand how to use our product?


                Does our product design distinguish our quality from our competitors’ product quality?


                Does our product design send the message we want customers to get?

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