Product Design

A big challenge for product designers is to move beyond single-product development and incremental product change to achieve category design. Noesis Analysis integrates customer-centered design analysis with strategic planning to apply R&D to market-shaping rather than market-fitting or following.

Video Analysis

Noesis Analysis can take your video creations and determine viewer responses to video details and overall message. This can be done anywhere between the planning and finished video stages of video development. This applies to games, too. If you design a game element to be challenging, you want players to be challenged. If you design a game element to be simple, you want it to be easy and simple to use. You also want the entire experience to be fun—something players will tell other players about.

Catering and Transportation Services

We improve and validate menus, presentations, and service designs. We also perform in-depth analysis of the customer experience, providing insights into how the customer responds to each element of your design and the customer environment you create.


Noesis Analysis personnel are experienced in training and have advanced insights into training design and effectiveness. Designed for trainees in challenging technical jobs where attention and rapid response to key warning signals is critical, we can assess an employee’s performance at these tasks.

User Interface Design

User interfaces need to be easy to use whether the task is routine or system critical. Knowing that an interface, whether mechanical or digital, supports the user and the task, improves performance and avoids failures.

Audio Analysis

Audio soundtracks and musical compositions can play important roles in the emotional reactions of customers and customers’ interest in your message. Noesis Analysis can analyze customer reactions using biosensor technology and focused inquiries and can identify choices that enhance the effectiveness of the audio elements of your message.

Industries and Business Services
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