Noesis Analysis is a business laboratory that uses a combination of neuro-cognitive and biosensor technologies to gather accurate marketing research and end-user response data for use in marketing and product design. 

Surveys, the conventional way to perform market research, can be unreliable and error-prone. Focus groups, a common way to critique new product designs, also have limitations. Participants don’t always have a clear opinion or know how to express it. Other companies dig through data looking for clues about what customers want. At Noesis Analysis, we use advanced biosensory technology and decades of experience in business and research to generate more accurate answers to important business questions. We believe better data results in better, faster, cheaper decisions--in all areas of business, not only marketing and product design.

Noesis Analysis combines analytical and consulting services into a single, integrated service. We provide laboratory services that gather data describing customer and user responses to advertising, product designs, and customer experiences. We then analyze that data by applying advanced statistical methods and decades of business research experience. The result is an advanced and intelligent approach to meeting common business needs. It is an approach that is focused on your goals.

Many consultants and research firms use soft interviews and a smattering of easy-to-find data. They are often staffed with employees who have little experience in your industry. The big consulting firms are enormously expensive and too often apply a cookie-cutter approach to your needs. Noesis Analysis is small and friendly. We tailor our services to your goals.

Noesis Analysis is where science meets business. We are promoting a revolution in insight.

Branding.Aero provides expert brand enhancement and business consulting services to the airline industry. For years, Branding.Aero has been the premier consultant to the world's major airlines and supporting services companies. 

Noesis Analysis Laboratories is the newest creation of Branding.Aero and offers business research services to a wide variety of industries. 

Among the many services we provide:

Biometric Analysis/Neuromarketing

Customer Experience Enhancement

Data Design and Analysis

Marketing Research and Analysis

Product Design and Development

Video and Advertisement Analysis and Enhancement
Training and Testing

Strategic and Tactical Business Planning

A Wide Variety of Scientific and Data-Driven Business Services

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